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Dr: Nkemjika (kemji) Abiakam with Dr Jamil a diabetic foot Ulcer Surgeon from Lebanon

Elite Magazine Inter met Doctor Abiakam as part of his success section, sharing his life and experience in the medical field.

Thank you Doctor for the opportunity you offer us to know more about you and the work you do.

Who are you exactly?

I am Dr Nkemjika (kemji) Abiakam

 I was born 1st February 1990 in a small city in the north of Italy called Villa Franca di Verona. I carried out part of my university studies in centre region of Italy in a city called Parma. My BSc at the university of Parma, Italy, was in Medical biotechnologies and my master’s course was titled: biotechnologies applied to regenerative medicine. I attended a Master of Science Course (MSc) at the University college London (UCL) were I did Regenerative medicine and nanotechnologies. After graduation I started working at the University Hospital Southampton where I am a Clinical research fellow. I am currently doing my PhD programme on “Early detection of Pressure ulcer and management”, as well as working as a clinical research fellow simultaneously.

 Why I chose medical field?

 I have always wanted to improve people lives especially trying to find a way to cure those diseases and disorders that seems not treatable. I chose a very selective branch of medicine, which aims at the discovery of cutting-edge treatments for the improvement of the care offered to patients. Medicine is in constant evolution and this branch of medicine allows me to be constantly at the top of new discoveries.

 Advice  for other people struggling to make their way through the system. My advice would be to find what you are passionate about, follow your dreams and most importantly belief in yourself; even when no one sees it for you, you must see it for yourself. It takes commitment to start but most importantly it requires consistency to finish so do not give up during hard times. It is not easy but if you know what your goals are and have a clear mind of what you want to achieve, then definitely you will make it. STAY AWAY FROM ENERGY DRAINERS!!!

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