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The champion Thomas Essoumba

A boxer is an athlete who practices boxing. This sport term designates a person who practices a combat sport. The boxer faces an opponent in a ring, with which he exchanges punches until the victory or the abandonment of one of the two boxers.

The pathetic story of a young boxer!

My name is Thomas Essoumba champion; This is my narrative on how I became a boxer.

I When a cousin of the village visited me one day, after asking him about tradition, he told me to go with him to a boxing club. So, I didn’t hesitate. So we arrived at the place, immediately the coach asked us if the two wanted to do boxing? I answered (no) and still attended the entire training session well, after the session I asked the coach if I could join the club and he said yes so that’s how I joined the boxing club. To my great surprise, my cousin who introduiced me to the boxing gym stopped attending however I was determined to continue training So, a year and a half later I made my first regional competition that I brought back the title and the champions. This allowed me to participate in the national championships which should take place in Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon on November 22, 2004.

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